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The Crystal Scrolls  v.rc

The Crystal Scrolls is a cross-platform engine for playing "The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind" on modern platforms which are not supported by the original

OpenPECS  v.1.0

The openPECS system is a web-based Picture Exchange Communication System, providing and easy to use interface to facilitate communication between autistic children and their caregivers.

The Elder Isles  v.1.0

The Elder Isles is a fantasy game in which you perform quests throughout a baroque land of pre-Arthurian myth.

The Twin Lands  v.1.0

Twin Lands is a Computer Role-Playing Game based off of a Pen and Paper RPG that some friends and I have developed. It will be free-form, similar to Elder Scrolls, and have Multi-player support for both network and Internet Gameplay.

Roberts Runes Font  v.1.0

Roberts Rune Fonts are a complete 26 character runic alphabet. There are over 10 different style rune alphabets usedthroughout the world. Roberts Runes are based on the Futhark and the Elder Futhark language. The runes are an ancientalphabet that has

Kids machine A  v.09

The program provides a carefully planned sequence of music learning for children accompanied by parents or caregivers and uses the natural human inclination. Toy Musical Instruments for Kids - Piano,Guitar,drums,harmonicas - Schylling - Woodstock. Th

Khajyrim  v.1.0

A comprehensive Skyrim mod that will feature new quests, items, environments, NPCs, and interactions for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Questline will center around the creation of a new settlement founded by Khajiit and welcoming all the underprivileged ...

Fallen Angel: Lucifer  v.1.0

Fallen Angel: Lucifer is a RPG in the style of The Elder Scrolls, and Might and Magic, Fallout, and Diablo. I am looking for anyone with software programming, and graphics production experience to help.

Skooma  v.1.0

Skooma is (will eventually be) a tool to edit plugin files for Bethesda Softworks' Elder Scrolls games, starting with Morrowind (TES 3) ESM, ESP, and ESS files, and moving up to Oblivion (TES 4) plugins. At the moment I can sort of view the records.

Grandparenting Screensaver  v.1.0

Grandparenting screensaver for your Windows desktop.

Project Aedra  v.170

A recreation of the "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind" engine with plans to add support for multiplayer along with upgraded graphics, physics, and

Oblivion Code Library  v.0.1

Utilities, programs, and code libraries related to The Elder

BabyTracker  v.1.0

If you want to be success as a parent role by keeping and organizing information about your baby, tracking his/her development. The BabyTracker for Pocket PC is right solution. BabyTracker is the first line of parenting tools designed to easily

HERB.IQ  v.0.5.2

WPF Application written in Visual C# 2010.

MWEdit  v.0.6.1

An alternate editor for the Elder Scrolls: Morrowind computer game. Similar in appearance to the official construction set editor but with the edition of many features to make mod editting

Elder Engine  v.1.0

Motor para juegos de rol multijugador hecho en flash, potenciado por un completo protocolo de comunicacin que permite realizar partidas online con un servidor central.

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